HDR50 Umarex - T4E .50 ALUMINIUM Slug Mould

HDR50 Umarex - T4E .50 ALUMINIUM Slug Mould


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This 6 Slug kit option is manufactured from non-stick anodised aircraft aluminium - producing great, long lasting and VERY effective hard hitting DIY HDR50 slugs from a Hot Melt glue dispenser and using standard BBs (ball bearings, high impact plastic or steel) or any ammunition insert of your choice !!
This Slug mould profile is more pointed that other slug moulds available, allowing the slug to travel faster and in a more straight and predictable line than other slug moulds
Very easy to use, no special skills required to make the slugs
THIS KIT compares in quality to other Slug Maker kits sold on Ebay for £30 - £40 plus a £15 delivery charge from Europe
Further  Introductory Offer - FREE OF CHARGE - a small sample bag (governed by the standard total Large Letter package weight set by Royal Mail at 100g) of 4.5mm and / or 6mm BBs in high impact plastic or steel - depending on which size / type is available to start you off immediately with 2 full mags of your great low cost HDR50 Slug mould production. Slugs produced from these moulds cost less than 5 pence each, so no need to to buy anymore expensive pre-manufactured HDR50 Slugs (pre-manufactured Slugs can cost up to £1 EACH!) - So now you can enjoy using your HDR50 as often as you like! (If you can find them after discharge, most Slugs produced from these moulds are also re-useable - as a bonus!)
In addition to this Slug mould kit, you will need a Hot Glue dispenser - ideally 80 to 100 watts power model or above - this will cost around £10 - £20 on Ebay or from your local DIY store - (see Ebay item number 334063074058 as an example - this item including some free glue sticks). You will also need some glue sticks, again very low cost and you will also require a small tin of WD40 spray lubricant or silicone release spray (other oils eg. spray cooking oil etc. may also work), again all available on Ebay or in most local DIY stores at low cost
It's very IMPORTANT that you give the main mould holes a light spray of WD40, silicone spray (or alternative oil) prior to loading your ball bearing(s) and then your hot melt glue
By using WD40 or Silicone spray as a mould release oil this offers three distinct advantages, the Slugs are very easy to remove from the mould, the newly moulded Slugs slide easily into the HDR50 slug holder immediately after production and then the Slugs are self lubricating and self sealing whilst travelling through the barrel - perfect for maximum power and accuracy
We own and have carried out extensive research on the HDR 50 and our new Aircraft Aluminium HDR 50 'Slug Maker Mould'. Please feel free to Ebay message me if you have any questions
Guaranteed return and refund if you are not entirely satisfied with this 5* precision Anodised Aluminium Slug Maker Mould
For this Anodised Aircraft Aluminium 6 Slug mould version - just a light spray of any oil or silicone spray prior to inserting the BBs is all that is required to make great and easy HDR 50 Slugs
As an option, you can overfill the slug mould cylinders and when the hot melt glue is cured, trim off the excess using a single sided razor blade (see example pictures in this listing - these are available to purchase on Ebay) - this method, although slightly more time consuming, gives a very precise shaped slug - PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL whilst using single sided razor blades - they are very sharp and can inflict serious injury if mishandled
Repeat the above as many times as required - ALWAYS apply a light spray of WD40 or Silicone spray after each batch of Slug(s) production - Enjoy!!
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