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Compact Safety Clip / Flag ALL Semi Auto Shotguns Benelli Beretta Browning etc.

Compact Safety Clip / Flag ALL Semi Auto Shotguns Benelli Beretta Browning etc.


The Amazing 3-in-1 Semi Automatic Shotgun Compact Safety Clip / Flag - Designed and Produced by Alternative Mag - Many Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Suitable for ALL 12 bore Semi Automatic Shotguns including Benelli, Beretta, Browning, Remington models etc. etc. It is unique in having the ability to clip underneath your barrel when not fitted in the breach as a safety Clip / Flag for convenient storage whilst you are shooting - or if you prefer, very easily stored in any coat, shooting vest or trouser pocket due to its compact size
It is BRIGHT RED in colour, so all your fellow shooters will easily see your Semi Automatic Shotgun is in a 'SAFE' and 'UNLOADED' condition. It is not possible to fire your Semi Automatic Shotgun with this Compact Safety Clip / Flag installed. The Compact Safety Clip / Flag has the word 'SAFE' embossed into the clip on both sides
Another advantage is that when installed, the design of this Compact Safety Clip / Flag relaxes approximately 75% of the static stress on your guns mainspring during storage - maintaining your mainspring in excellent condition when not in use
Manufactured from Engineering quality polymer plastic - so no scratching of your barrel
An additional bonus feature of this unique product is if you clip it on the top of your Shotgun barrel whilst shooting (approximately midway down the barrel), by looking through the created 'arch' view, left or right 'Master Eye' issues are instantly removed because the clip will only allow you to see the Shotgun sight bead on the rib through the arch with the eye you mount up to the Shotgun rib - so eliminating master eye problems!
So for example, right handed shooters with a left master eye (that is my issue by the way!) - when clipped onto the top of the barrel, only your right eye can see the sight bead at the end of the rib through the arch when you mount the Shotgun to your right shoulder - your left master eye is blanked out from seeing it! Same for left handers with right master eye
Try it - if you are not TOTALLY satisfied it comes with a 100% no quibble money back guarantee - MORE THAN 500 sold on Ebay and Amazon with 100% Positive Feedback
Normal price £9.95 - Special 20% discount - introductory price £7.95
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